Commercial Stucco & Stone


Commercial Stucco & Stone

The application of residential and commercial stucco and stone are two very different animals. C&R Plastering has years of commercial stucco application experience with projects of all sizes and consistently meeting all deadlines. We understand the challenges and flux that often accompany commercial projects, as well as the importance of collaboration, communication, and the flexibility required to meet those challenges. Both businesses and contractors we partner with have discovered the difference we provide in quality and value!


We provide the following commercial applications


  • Traditional Stucco
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems)
  • One Coat Stucco

Stone Work

  • Veneer Stone
  • Natural Stone


  • Liquid applied WRB (Weather Resistant Barrier)
  • Stucco & EIFS Repairs and recolor

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