Residential Stucco & Stone

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Stucco is a plaster that dries to a hard dense finish and can be applied to interior or exterior building surfaces. Stucco is popular because it is strong, durable, versatile, cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance and can be applied over most building materials including wood, brick, steel and concrete.
Plastering is an art. It is the action of applying plaster (stucco) to a wall surface. Although it may sound easy, the skill and technique with which a plasterer applies the plaster will determine the aesthetic outcome of the product. Combine technique, color and texture, and the possibilities are endless. They can even change the appearance of stucco to resemble other materials like wood and metal.


The use of stone veneer can drastically transform the appearance of a home or building. Much like stucco, stone veneer is durable and offers a tremendous range of aesthetic possibilities. The combination of colors, textures, shapes and sizes make it easy to integrate stone with new or old construction.

There are two types of stone, natural and manufactured. Natural stone is made by nature, quarried and cut to into various shapes and sizes for different uses. Manufactured stone, also known as cultured stone, is manmade. Cement is poured into a mold and then colored to look like real stone. While there is very little visual difference between the two, there are considerations such as the project application due to weight, the cost of the material and installation and the finished look that is desired.

We provide the following commercial applications


  • Traditional Stucco
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems)
  • One Coat Stucco

Stone Work

  • Veneer Stone
  • Natural Stone


  • Liquid applied WRB (Weather Resistant Barrier)
  • Stucco & EIFS Repairs and recolor

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